Thursday, February 23, 2006

Capitalist Pig Stock Tip

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WARNING: Not for the risk adverse. This is a VERY volitile stock. (which is why I own lots!)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cartoon Debate Session Notes

I attended the Badger Herald debate session tonight. Here are some interesting notes I took while there:

"Cartoons are supposed to be offensive"
-Kemal Karput, Political Cartoon Expert

Multi-Cultural Student coalition Rep believes that the Badger Herald endorses the message that all Muslims are terrorists.

Obviously she didn't read the attached editorial, or conveniently forgot what it said.
She then gave an example of someone being a jerk to people collecting signatures from passersby. The comment made by the aforementioned jerk was anti-Muslim and anti-Christian thereby causing me to wonder, what's your point?

Mac Verstandig says "CNN offended your religion, ABC offended your religion, The New York Times offended your religion." This is because they hold Islam to an unequal standard. He recounted images of intense anti-Semitic and anti-Christian images, illustrations and cartoons being published. But they won't publish the cartoons no matter how news-worthy.
This has been my point all along.

Multi-Cultural Student rep. says don't publish anything that harms a group.
Then there is nothing that can be published. Be realistic here.

Professor of Journalism basically contradicts Multi-Cultural student rep. I chuckle to myself.

Muslim Student Association rep says "Freedom of expression is a noble myth."

Mac says: We think it is a repugnant and disgusting cartoon.
Despite this he still gets accused of being anti-Muslim. Ridiculous.

Lori Berquam asks: How have you been professionally or personally affected by the republishing of the cartoon?
I find it interesting there are no responses claiming any personal affect whatsoever other than anger.

Brad furiously typed on his steno machine to take dictation throughout the session. It's a little choppy, but he did a pretty good job. You can view that here.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

You Can't Say That!

Letters in Bottles picked up this from Blogger Beer. I like it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Chancellor Wiley Way off the Mark

Today the Badger Herald printed this statement from Chancellor Wiley.

"On Monday, Feb. 13, the Badger Herald reprinted one of the Danish newspaper cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad as a terrorist figure, one of several such cartoons that have provoked worldwide, often violent unrest among Muslims. In association with this cartoon, the Badger Herald Editorial Board authored an opinion piece entitled 'Sacred Images, Sacred Rights,' explaining its perception of the newsworthy quality of the cartoon in view of the reactions that have followed its initial publication."
"Worldwide, often violent unrest among Muslims?" Is that how we are characterizing it now? Now, I could be wrong here, but I'm pretty sure it was violence by Muslims against non-Islamic businesses and embassies.

"Predictably, this action has brought home to Madison, Wisconsin, and to the university community, the same visceral, emotional response reported by the international media during the past several days. People that we all know, work with and study with are hurt, scarred by what they believe to be a senseless prolongation of an intentionally insensitive, racist and distorted commentary on the very foundation of one of the world's great religions. Understandably, those offended desire redress - apologies, retractions and, perhaps most importantly, a sense of communal condemnation. They see no justification for speech they perceive to have been hateful in character, injurious not only to their sense of place in the broader fabric of society, but to their spiritual selves."

"Intentionally insensitive, racist and distorted?" Does anyone else find it ironic that a cartoon depicting Muslims as violent sparked violence from Muslims? I believe the response received about the cartoons verifies the very nature of message of them.

I'll believe they are unfounded and insensitive next time I see a heavily armed, masked mob of Christians firing shots in the air screaming "Jesus is Great!"

Political cartoons anger people. It's what they do. I dare say if a political cartoon did not get someone emotional then it is probably a worthless cartoon. I've been offended at plenty of them, some taking aim at my religious beliefs. I didn't burn down any buildings.

Muslims are not special. They are people like everyone else and should be treated as equals, no better no worse. This includes in the media.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

White House Press Corps Outraged, Cries "Foul!"

White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan was relentlessly berated by reporters today at the daily press conference over information that was witheld from the media regarding Vice President Dick Cheney. "We have a right to know what the Vice President has been up to," claimed one disgruntled reporter.

Clearly upset about hearing the news second-hand from another media outlet, reporters took out thier anger on McClellan alledging a cover-up. Picked up from a small media outlet, reporters discovered that Vice President Cheney dropped a metaphorical bomb Tuesday evening.

First reported by the Highlights magazine, Vice President Cheney traversed the 21 foot journey to his private bathroom and proceeded to take a dump.

An anonymous White House janitor who saw the vice president en route, later informed him that he would have to alert the press to such an incident as the bathroom was in his cleaning jurisdiction. Cheney is reported to have replied by stating, "I don't give a Sh**" which is notably milder language than customarily heard from Cheney.

When speaking to reporters at Highlights, the unidentified janitor is quoted as saying "I saw [the vice president] walk into the bathroom. He had a newspaper under his arm and was whistling. He came out about 15 minutes later, which is when I entered the restroom. That's when I had confirmation: He had laid a stinky."

McClellan was stuck defending the vice president's decision not to personally inform the press of the incident. Many questions were raised by reporters and a sample of the exchange reprinted below

Reporter: When did the president know about this?
McClellan: He was informed shortly after the incident.

Reporter: Why did the vice president not call a press conference to discuss with reporters?
McClellan: In hindsight, things could have been handled better.

Reporter: Is it true the the vice president did not spray after he had finished?
McClellan: From what I have gathered, it would appear not. He simply forgot and has taken the proper steps to rectify the situation.

Reporter: Was there not time between when he flushed and washed his hands to call the press?
McClellan: It was his personal decision, I'm sure he replays the situation in his head over and over wondering if he made the right call.

Reporter: Why didn't you tell us about this earlier?
McClellan: Dude, he was just dropping the kids off at the pool, what's the big deal?

Reporter: Is Vice President Cheney worried about impeachment after all of this?
McClellan: You're an idiot.

When asked for comment, the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Howard Dean had this to say: "It's just like Republicans to cover up such a thing. I think we need full disclosure of such actions and will be looking to subpoena all sewer records. There is something foul about this scandal; it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Once we get the records we will see if Cheney has been doing his duty, and how often. The shit hasn't begun to hit the fan. I don't know what we'll find, but I'm disappointed in him. It's just a really crappy thing to do."

Dean ended the phone interview with " YEEEEE AAAAHHH!!!! and promptly hung up.

My job is done here. I think thats enough poop jokes.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I want to do what?!?

Just watched this video that I got from a friend. Wow. I never knew that I wanted to kill black people. Nor was I ever informed the white race is trying to kill all blacks electromagnetically. I'm really only 75% white, so is that why I wasn't included in the secret meetings?

What is truly outrageous is that this guy calls for the extermination of all white people...and people applaud him!! Maybe they aren't aware that that is a racist idea...

The arguments are some of the most unsound and baseless, and the logic erroneous beyond recognition. I encourage you to check it out.

P.S. It's guys like this that keep racial issues alive and well.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bush Halts Worldwide Military Action

Madison, WI-
President Bush today announced the cessation of all hostile actions in Iraq and all over the globe effective immediately. During a press conference held in the White House, Bush explained, "Well, there was this little group in Madison, Wisconsin called Stop the War. They made me realize that, well, we should bring everyone home. When people are violent about peace, you realize that they really know what they are doing."

"It was the demonstration they staged at the ROTC recruiting center that made me change my mind. Hell, they made me see that recruiting on campus is a bad idea. Whenever you have the deadliest military in the world, certainly you wouldn't want to have the best and the brightest leading it."

Wisconsin Governor Doyle applauded the decision because he believes it will make everyone safer. "Safety is my main concern, let's get the educated out of the millitary where it'll be safer for everyone. Safety is the reason I signed AB 618 requiring childing up to the age of 23 to sit in booster seats. You'll thank me when you survive the impact from an intoxicated driver like my very own son. If he doesn't get ya, I'm sure my good friend Peggy will."