Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Chancellor Wiley Way off the Mark

Today the Badger Herald printed this statement from Chancellor Wiley.

"On Monday, Feb. 13, the Badger Herald reprinted one of the Danish newspaper cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad as a terrorist figure, one of several such cartoons that have provoked worldwide, often violent unrest among Muslims. In association with this cartoon, the Badger Herald Editorial Board authored an opinion piece entitled 'Sacred Images, Sacred Rights,' explaining its perception of the newsworthy quality of the cartoon in view of the reactions that have followed its initial publication."
"Worldwide, often violent unrest among Muslims?" Is that how we are characterizing it now? Now, I could be wrong here, but I'm pretty sure it was violence by Muslims against non-Islamic businesses and embassies.

"Predictably, this action has brought home to Madison, Wisconsin, and to the university community, the same visceral, emotional response reported by the international media during the past several days. People that we all know, work with and study with are hurt, scarred by what they believe to be a senseless prolongation of an intentionally insensitive, racist and distorted commentary on the very foundation of one of the world's great religions. Understandably, those offended desire redress - apologies, retractions and, perhaps most importantly, a sense of communal condemnation. They see no justification for speech they perceive to have been hateful in character, injurious not only to their sense of place in the broader fabric of society, but to their spiritual selves."

"Intentionally insensitive, racist and distorted?" Does anyone else find it ironic that a cartoon depicting Muslims as violent sparked violence from Muslims? I believe the response received about the cartoons verifies the very nature of message of them.

I'll believe they are unfounded and insensitive next time I see a heavily armed, masked mob of Christians firing shots in the air screaming "Jesus is Great!"

Political cartoons anger people. It's what they do. I dare say if a political cartoon did not get someone emotional then it is probably a worthless cartoon. I've been offended at plenty of them, some taking aim at my religious beliefs. I didn't burn down any buildings.

Muslims are not special. They are people like everyone else and should be treated as equals, no better no worse. This includes in the media.


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