Thursday, August 03, 2006

My take on Doyle

Recently Gov. Doyle has been making the news quite a bit. A few days ago I saw him on WISN 12 News where he stated that he didn't make stems cells political, he is just responding to Mark Green. That is an intersting statement considering this website of his.

"By sharing your personal story about how stem cell research affects your life you will help us spread our message across Wisconsin. Many of your stories will be posted on and others will be shared in future stem cell research discussions."

If you go to you'll find this as the text:
Keeping Wisconsin the Stem Cell Leader
Since University of Wisconsin-Madison Professor James Thomson first isolated a stem cell line eight years ago, Wisconsin has led the nation in stem cell research.

This critical research offers families the hope that one day diseases like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and juvenile diabetes may be cured.

As Governor, I've set a clear goal: capture 10 percent of the stem cell market. Nationwide, the stem cell market could create 100,000 jobs and generate $10 billion - by 2015. Read the rest of Governor Doyle's letter . . .

Get Informed and Take Action to Keep Wisconsin the Stem Cell Leader

Multimedia: Watch Our New Ad - "Six Times"

Take Action: Sign Our Stem Cell Petition

Tell Your Story: How Has Stem Cell Research Affected Your Life?

Learn More: Read testimonials on stem cell research

Doyle-Lawton Blog: Bush and Green: both waffling on stem cell research

Doyle-Lawton Blog: Governor Doyle supports federal funding for stem cell research, Mark Green disagrees

The Latest News: Editorial: Bush and the Stem Cell Lie

The Latest News: Stem cell debate not over

The Latest News: Doyle visits city family, challenges Bush stem cell veto

It's interesting how he didn't make this issue political but yet all of the main text on his homepage is about stem cells.

Today on WRJN (a local radio station) I heard about Doyle asking the Regents to keep tuition down in the UW system. After allowing tuition to be raised 65% in the past few years he now wants it kept down? The timing is more than suspicious. This is obviously another political stunt and Doyle will forget about keeping tuition down as soon as he is re-elected.

The one thing I'm really mad about is that I pay all the tuition Doyle raised and I still havn't gotten my state contract.


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Don't know if you saw this or not but it's funny/true.

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