Sunday, January 29, 2006

Why does the far left hate free speech??

Can someone please answer this? It seems to me there is nothing more hypocritical than liberals who stifle free speech. I was just reading Jenna's blog. Her car was vandalized by someone or a group of people just don't agree with her ideology. Honestly? Does this justify vandalism in your mind? What is wrong with you people? I can only assume that it was the same type of person who stole all the copies of the Beacon from 2 locations. And the same type of person who did this. And the same type of person who told me they were taking a "poll" at the place where I was registering to vote and when I responded I intended to vote for Bush, mysteriously my registration never got turned in. My liberal girlfriend at the time had hers turned in just fine and she was next to me registering. (I don't wonder why that didn't work out.) And the kind that knocked all of the pages out of my hand when I was handing out information about Micheal Moore when he came to the UW. Does a well thought out, rational voice scare you?

Can't we all just get along? I guess singing Kumbaya is out...

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Eat a PETA??

I know this is a little late, however I still found it to be noteworthy. A while ago the Daily Cardinal published a story about a Michelle Cho who got nude on State Street wearing only body paint, labeling parts of herself with words like"shoulder" or "loin." I'm pretty sure this was an attempt to show that we are like animals somehow cuz we share the same edible parts.

It didn't really make me not want to eat animals so much as it made me contemplate eating Michelle Cho. However, I'm pretty sure she would have been tough, low quality meat, given her poor diet and all.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Capital Punishment, fun for everyone!

Recently I read Dennis York's post on the death penalty. Reading this made me realize that people state that it is capital punishment is wrong, but never have I seen an arguement laid out for why this is. Allow me to do so.

Captial punishment is based on the principle of lex talionis (the law of the claw) meaning eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, life for a life, etc. Now, this priciple would say, whatever I do wrong, I should have it done to me. Prima facie, this appears logical. However, if you consider petty cases like stealing $1, I believe the thief needs more than $1 in penalties for the crime. Also take kidnapping for example. If i kidnap you for 3 days, do I only deserve to be detained 3 days? And what about if i take 3 peoples eyes, how can you take 3 of mine? This principle does not work.

Also, I would like to dispel another common argument I hear regarding the death penalty. "Innocent people die, therefore we should abolish the death penalty." This is falacious reasoning. Innocent people go to jail, but we do need jails. In fact, innocent people die building office buildings and houses, but still we continue with these activities. This is just a bad argument on the topic.

The death penalty is wrong. The principle of lex talionis does not translate to the real world. No one has the right to deny another human being the right to life. Furthermore for you economists out there, the death penalty ends up costing more money than life in prison; it just doesn't make sense.

As always I readily welcome comments.

Pardon the spelling and grammatical errors. I'm tired but the nightclub next door won't let me sleep. And the band sucks too.

Saturday, January 21, 2006


Some people in Wisconsin want to make carrying a concealed weapon legal. You know what that means, there will be guns everywhere. Children will find them on the playground, there'll will be western-style shootouts in the streets and the crime rate will skyrocket due to the availability of firearms. Do we really want to be one of the first states that is not Texas that allows its citizenry to be armed?

Actually, if the state government passed the conceal carry bill, we would be 46th. Now for those you keeping count we have 50 states in this nation and 46 out of 50 seems like quite a few to me. Over the past decade many states have enacted similar laws and guess what? The crime rate has been declining. Yep, that's right, overall crime is down and while I'm not saying that concealed carry directly correlates to less crime, I am saying that the lefties screaming bloody murder have no basis for their doomsday predictions for if Wisconsin ever becomes armed.

For those of you who don't understand words so well, here's a picture. The red ones are the ones where you can't have a gun.

But then we'll give licences to criminals to carry guns?? Known offenders will not be elegible for a licence. Criminals can't get a licence but they already have them, get this, illegally. GASP! Criminals are not going to stop carrying guns. Criminals have power because they do have guns and they know the average person (i.e. you) does not. When they realize that any given person may be armed, they will think twice about engaging them in violent crime. Going to jail doesnt scare these people, knowing that any one of their potential victims may be armed does.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Welcome to Wal-mart

I was sitting around chatting with the family the other day when we somehow got onto the topic of High School and how it was awful that some students in my (thankfully) former school district just do not want to be in school. I knew a kid who went to high school for a year without earning a single credit. The graduation rate in my high school was under 50%. Pathetic. My brother informed us that he believed that students like this should be allowed to sign away thier right to an education and kick them out of school and allow the students who'd want to learn to stay uninterrupted.
Obviously this would have unintended consequences. First, Wal-mart stock would soar! The number of Wal-mart shoppers would skyrocket, and they would have an unlimited pool of workers to staff the stores once all the "baby daddies" were ordered to get a job and pay child support. The increased supply of workers would also increase the number of unemployed elderly leaving them with too much time on their hands and too few bingo halls on Thursday nights.
Secondly, the number of really really bad aspiring rappers would explode. You know the type, 16 year-old, 110 pound boys wearing a white t-shirt sized XXXXXXXL banging on everything in reach to get a "beat" so they can pretend they are in 8 Mile. They'd be more ubiquitous than adipose tissue in Michael Moore.
In sooth, ignorant poverty breeds crime. Obtaining an education is not only a right, it is an obligation. A better plan would be to chain these kids to their desk until all work assigned was completed. A sort of "force-feeding education." The reason why this would be necessary is a Catch-22. For many, an education is needed to see the importance of being educated. When faced with no other option but doing assigned work, eventually, the work will become bearable and the education will no longer be a forced thing.
Some are too dumb to get out of thier own way, let's not make them pound out beats in Wal-mart. I don't own any stock yet.

I wonder if anyone will read this...You are.

In any case, Hello and welcome. My name is Scott and I will be your tour guide for the remainder of your time here. Why I started this...I dont know, but now that I did, I hope I can be of assistance. If nothing else, hopefully you can use this blog as something to read while you pass the time between lunch and your 3 o clock date with the vending machine while trying all the while to not let your boss catch you slacking off on your oh-so-important busywork. Slacker. In short, feel free to comment on anything and enjoy. If you are looking for something actually worth reading, check out Dennis York's blog.