Saturday, January 21, 2006


Some people in Wisconsin want to make carrying a concealed weapon legal. You know what that means, there will be guns everywhere. Children will find them on the playground, there'll will be western-style shootouts in the streets and the crime rate will skyrocket due to the availability of firearms. Do we really want to be one of the first states that is not Texas that allows its citizenry to be armed?

Actually, if the state government passed the conceal carry bill, we would be 46th. Now for those you keeping count we have 50 states in this nation and 46 out of 50 seems like quite a few to me. Over the past decade many states have enacted similar laws and guess what? The crime rate has been declining. Yep, that's right, overall crime is down and while I'm not saying that concealed carry directly correlates to less crime, I am saying that the lefties screaming bloody murder have no basis for their doomsday predictions for if Wisconsin ever becomes armed.

For those of you who don't understand words so well, here's a picture. The red ones are the ones where you can't have a gun.

But then we'll give licences to criminals to carry guns?? Known offenders will not be elegible for a licence. Criminals can't get a licence but they already have them, get this, illegally. GASP! Criminals are not going to stop carrying guns. Criminals have power because they do have guns and they know the average person (i.e. you) does not. When they realize that any given person may be armed, they will think twice about engaging them in violent crime. Going to jail doesnt scare these people, knowing that any one of their potential victims may be armed does.


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