Saturday, May 20, 2006

Mommy? Where do, I mean where does gas come from?

I've been on a blogging sabbatical due to finals, moving home, and finally getting to not do a darn thing all day long (and it was wonderful). But alas, I start work on Monday.

Anywho, I was reading a while back about where certain gas stations in the US get their gas from. I believe it was a department of energy report, but I could be wrong. From what I gleamed off of it, I figured out two things:

1. Do not buy gas from Citgo. The company is Venezuelan owned and 100% of the gas comes from Venezuela (and they aren't playing nice right now.)

2. Do buy gas from BP/Amoco. I believe they have the highest amount of domestic oil and are a British owned company.

If anyone knows of that document, please send me a link.


At 5:08 PM, Blogger Joey said...

Good points. I've boycotted Citgo for a while. I didn't know about BP/Amoco. I generally try to go with American-owned companies, especially smaller local ones like Kwik Trip (La Crosse, WI) and Holiday (MN). I think most of their oil comes from Canada, but I'm not sure.

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