Sunday, January 29, 2006

Why does the far left hate free speech??

Can someone please answer this? It seems to me there is nothing more hypocritical than liberals who stifle free speech. I was just reading Jenna's blog. Her car was vandalized by someone or a group of people just don't agree with her ideology. Honestly? Does this justify vandalism in your mind? What is wrong with you people? I can only assume that it was the same type of person who stole all the copies of the Beacon from 2 locations. And the same type of person who did this. And the same type of person who told me they were taking a "poll" at the place where I was registering to vote and when I responded I intended to vote for Bush, mysteriously my registration never got turned in. My liberal girlfriend at the time had hers turned in just fine and she was next to me registering. (I don't wonder why that didn't work out.) And the kind that knocked all of the pages out of my hand when I was handing out information about Micheal Moore when he came to the UW. Does a well thought out, rational voice scare you?

Can't we all just get along? I guess singing Kumbaya is out...


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