Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cartoon Debate Session Notes

I attended the Badger Herald debate session tonight. Here are some interesting notes I took while there:

"Cartoons are supposed to be offensive"
-Kemal Karput, Political Cartoon Expert

Multi-Cultural Student coalition Rep believes that the Badger Herald endorses the message that all Muslims are terrorists.

Obviously she didn't read the attached editorial, or conveniently forgot what it said.
She then gave an example of someone being a jerk to people collecting signatures from passersby. The comment made by the aforementioned jerk was anti-Muslim and anti-Christian thereby causing me to wonder, what's your point?

Mac Verstandig says "CNN offended your religion, ABC offended your religion, The New York Times offended your religion." This is because they hold Islam to an unequal standard. He recounted images of intense anti-Semitic and anti-Christian images, illustrations and cartoons being published. But they won't publish the cartoons no matter how news-worthy.
This has been my point all along.

Multi-Cultural Student rep. says don't publish anything that harms a group.
Then there is nothing that can be published. Be realistic here.

Professor of Journalism basically contradicts Multi-Cultural student rep. I chuckle to myself.

Muslim Student Association rep says "Freedom of expression is a noble myth."

Mac says: We think it is a repugnant and disgusting cartoon.
Despite this he still gets accused of being anti-Muslim. Ridiculous.

Lori Berquam asks: How have you been professionally or personally affected by the republishing of the cartoon?
I find it interesting there are no responses claiming any personal affect whatsoever other than anger.

Brad furiously typed on his steno machine to take dictation throughout the session. It's a little choppy, but he did a pretty good job. You can view that here.