Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Religion of Peace My Ass

A newspaper editor in Yemen will most likely be put to death for his most serious and heinous of crimes. Rape? Torture? Murder? No, but you are close...Offending Islam. Because his newspaper ran the Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed (May peace be upon those who offend his followers), he may now lose his life.

Evidence entered against him includes a story of Mohammed being insulted by a woman, and then Mohammed praising her murderer. Yep. Sounds like a very tolerant religion to me.

Wanna know what my religion says about people who offend it? Brace yourselves, it's pretty harsh: Try to correct them, if that doesn't work, leave them alone.

Here's another current example of to further illustrate my point.
Want to "Avenge the death of Muslims around the world?" I have just the trick. DRIVE YOUR JEEP INTO COLLEGE STUDENTS! Works like a charm every time.

P.S. Any cultural relativists out there? Wanna tell me why I should tolerate intolerance because its part of their culture?


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