Sunday, March 12, 2006

Global Warming or Junk Science?

Found this link at the Anti-Iditarian Rottweiler.

He's right, you sure won't find this on CNN.

Now I am not against conservation, as I believe in wise use of non-renewable energy sources. However, I’ve had it up to here with the sky-is-falling-global-warming-Chicken-Little crowd. I will concede that it is quite likely that the earth’s climate is warming, as is that of our nearest neighbor, Mars. However, I am totally fed up with the moronic theories that insist the earth is warming because we are living too well.

I do not believe that climate change is due to an increase in so-called "greenhouse gasses". And while the neutered scientists working for the UN are warning us of impending doom if we do not change our lifestyles, there are scientists who challenge their findings. Problem is, because these challenges run counter to the accepted politically correct orthodoxy of climate change, many rebuttals don‚’t often see the light of day and many scientists whose findings challenge those of the conventional climate wisdom are frozen out of research funding.

Climate catastrophics appears to have become a new religion, replacing Marxism and Christianity as the arbiter of acceptable belief. Anyone who questions the accepted climate-change theories currently in favor is considered a heretic.

There are many so-called scientists who claim that Greenland‚’s ice fields are melting. But satellite measurements conducted by the European Space Agency offer evidence to the contrary- the ice fields are actually growing. A report by the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research issued in October 2005 stated that,

"Greenland's ice cap has thickened slightly in recent years despite wide

predictions of a thaw triggered by global warming. Recent growth in the

interior regions of the Greenland Ice Sheet is reported by a Norwegian-

led team of climate scientists. The growth is estimated to be about 6 cm

per year during the study period, 1992-2003. They derive and analyze the

longest continuous dataset of satellite altimeter observations of Greenland

Ice Sheet elevations by combining tens of millions of data points from

European Space Agency (ESA) satellites, called ERS-1 and ERS-2, and NASA."

Similarly, assumptions made concerning the supposed rise in sea levels that will ultimately inundate the worldÂ’s coastal cities with water have been called into question by scientists studying the problem. It’s tough, however to get the liberal news media to cover stories that are at odds with their agenda. A recent article by Dr. Patrick Michaels, a research professor of environmental sciences, University of Virginia Cato Institute Senior Fellow on TCS Daily (TCS Daily article) questioned the findings of a paper written by two climate research scientists who concluded that the Antarctic ice cap was melting and ocean levels were rising. Dr. Michaels wrote, "So, all the‚… results really demonstrate is that there are short term variations in the amount of ice and snow covering the Antarctic continent. Other data indicate that over the course of the past several decades at least, that the ocean-land system of Antarctica has been experiencing a growth in the amount of snow and ice there."

Those are some damn good points. Futhermore, people don't seem to realize that water is a greenhouse gas. So whenever it's humid, rains, is foggy or cloudy, there is an abundance of greenhouse gas.

The most popular greenhouse gas that liberals talk about is carbon dioxide. Volcanos, ocean vents, forest fires and a whole lot of other natural phenomena produce a whole lot of carbon dioxide. But the earth always heals. And dont give me that "we're cutting down the rainforests" B.S. Most of the carbon dioxide is converted back to oxygen from bacteria in the ocean, not the rainforests. When you increase the amount of nutrients (carbon dioxide) for the little guys, you increase the amount of bacteria that convert the carbon dioxide back to oxygen. It's in an equilibrium, and it always shifts back to equilibrium. The earth always heals. After forest fires, floods, and volcanic erruptions, the Earth fixes itself. So whenever someone screams the sky is falling and says global warming will kill us all, I just roll my eyes, and sigh. It's only a theory, and there's evidence against it, let's not treat it as fact.


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