Friday, March 24, 2006

The Cause of the Plight of Black Males

Blame the government, blame the cycle, blame the system, blame the culture; it doesn't matter who you blame, it matters what you do. My English teachers put this article up in class the day it came out. Eugene Kane says "it's a real eye-opener." I agree with him, but I don't think I agree on what this made me see.

After reading this article, (and a few reactions to it) I noticed one thing slapping readers in the face that no one seemed to pick up on.
"Dropout rates for Hispanic youths are as bad or worse but are not associated with nearly as much unemployment or crime, the data show."

What does this say? It says that not having an education is not as much of a detriment to Hispanic males. They are also a minority so I doubt racism will work for an explanation here.

If there is one thing I got out of this article it is this: The thing standing in the way of young black males is, well,young black males.